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When I thought of Africa I envisioned Lions, Tigers and Giraffes wandering the prairies. I envisioned thick Jungles with Monkees sticking to each branch. At that point I made a trip to Ghana. A Free Democratic nation lying on the shores of The Gulf of Guinea. Essential dialects spoken are “Tre” and “Fante”. “English” is second and instructed to all understudies of Ghana. My desires were met without any Lions or African Elephants, simply great individuals living in one of the World’s most excellent nations otherwise called the Gold Coast. The essential business is Gold Mining.

As an Anglo/Native Indian American I thought that it was anything but difficult to go among the nearby crowded. Exchange is generally Barter. On the off chance that you are sufficiently relentless you can get incredible arrangements on anything. Planner attire, Name brand hardware, housewares, shoes made in China, and obviously Chevrolet. Indeed, Ghana is a mystery not covered up, just not exactly on anybody’s radar. It flaunts an economy with 1/3 valuing. Land is esteemed well alongside lodging around 30K for newcomers. Presently when you think third world, truly, that is here as well. As I remained at a companions level I saw the shocking chaos of humankind and their powerlessness to comprehend the essentials of “keep it clean”. Ghana’s inward city smells of refuse. No concealment here. Simply junk and human waste strewn for miles along the man made water conduits slicing through the city. The pipes channels additionally compare to that of an increasingly primitive time. It is evident that ravenousness and defilement have grabbed hold. A huge number of dollars come into the nation in remote guide yet the foundation endures making a crowded that lives in neediness.

Still the general population are playful. Trading for the nations Cedi, the financial dollar. Free enterprise is alive and flourishing. Ghanaians sell in the city using little concentrated stores covering the farmland. Each road has a variety of essential needs stores. There are additionally advertises. In the substrate of Tema there is a garments/materials advertise. Name brand shoes, creator shirts and pants, suits and wedding outfits in claim to fame shops.Cold soft drink is accessible as well. Know that the kids will ask from you on occasion. The solid lanes are to some degree wrecked. Residue fills the air from passing cruisers and vehicles. The structures are harshly debauched from age. Disregard and basic minimalisms influence everything.

On the off chance that Ghanaians at any point chose to gather as one and tidy up their nation, Oh what an excellent spot to relax it would be. PS, each individual I met here buckles down for that Cedi so apathy isn’t a factor of why it appears to poor here. Still this land is energizing as far as encounters for any explorer. I most appreciated the open air bars sitting under the stars while tasting cold brew. The shoreline is astonishing as well. Fut bol obviously is the most loved game, “Go Blackstars!” American blue grass music is extremely prominent as well. So if your hankering another experience, think about Ghana. Its more secure than numerous nations, English speaking, Educated individuals and great money trade. Coincidentally, there are American brand lodgings here as well. Additional not far off. Stay tuned.