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Grapevine is a historic and charming downtown area filled with unique restaurants and shops. This thriving small town is nestled in the heart of Fort Worth and Dallas area. With a wide range of wineries, Grapevine is a top destination for wine lovers and was a favorite stop for friends of mine that own and Edmonton Roofing company while on their southern US getaway. This city offers a variety of stores, extraordinary hotels, as well as attractions for the entire family. Read on and you will see a handful of the things you can do in Grapevine, Texas.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad
You might assume that traveling by train in Texas is a holdover from the past but it is one of the top things to do in Grapevine. Climb aboard this vintage railroad to be transported to a different transportation era, where the primary means of travel is passenger trains. The train takes passengers from Grapevine all the way to Fort Worth Stockyards. Passengers are usually thrilled with breathtaking scenery along the way.

Grapevine Wineries
True to its name, Grapevine is a great place to visit for wine. There are about 9 local wineries in this town, so you savor a glass or white or red wine, this is definitely the right place. In fact, it is home to the Wine and Grape Growers Association, Urban Wine Trail, as well as GrapeFest – American largest wine festival. The historic downtown area is one of the best places to enjoy this town’s wine scene. There are 7 tasting rooms and wineries along Main Street, including Bingham Family Vineyards and Messina Hof.

Indoor Waterpark
For spills and thrills, Grapevine is a town with a unique attraction that makes it stand out. There are plenty of things to do in this enormous water park. Ride on the Coyote Cannon to get your adrenaline pumping or descend through swift turns on Albert Falls 4 stories. Once you are ready for a break, relax in the North and South Hot Springs soothing waters. The Fort Mackenzie treehouse offers the perfect space for the entire family to play.

Lake Grapevine
While Grapevine is a great destination for window shoppers and wine lovers, it is also a great place for spending time outdoors. Lake Grapevine is just some minutes north of downtown Grapevine. This scenic 8,000 acre is surrounded by lush trees that are covered in rolling hills. The possibilities here are endless. You can go for a day out on a boat or try catching one of the abundant white bass or largemouth bass found here. If you prefer to simply relax and kick back, you can opt for a chartered sailing or a sign up for a romantic cruise.