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In this article, I will share with you five airport hacks that will help you with your travel journey and make life just a bit easier on those long travel days.

Bring your own Water Bottle

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have probably heard of this before but for those of you who have not already been privy to this information bringing your own water bottle empty through a security check and then filling it up in the water fountains on the other side is a lifesaver. Bottled water at airports can be obscenely expensive for what you are getting and why pay for water when you can just fill it up for free. Staying hydrated for a long flight is so important and over the course of maybe a seven or eight-hour layover.

Google your Arrival Gate

When you have a transfer, either a quick transfer or even not so quick through another country on the way to your destination it is smart to Google the arrival gate before you depart and then when you land or just before you get off the plane you can ask the flight attendant or ask an airline employee right away where to go. They will let you know the right way to get there and then you can avoid any sort of confusion and make sure you get to your gate in time.

Lounge Access

My next tip is most relevant for longer layovers and that is regarding lounge access. So not everybody has a loyalty program or a priority lounge card but you can pay to get into a lot of those lounges. So if you are on a layover for 8-10 hours and you want to be comfortable maybe you want a nap some of them allows you to have showers, you can often pay $30 to $50 to enter and take part in free drinks, free food, free Wi-Fi, and all those things you will need to be comfortable on your layover.

Avoid the Lines by Calling

This will come in handy during delays or flight cancellations or anything where you find yourself stuck at the airport when you are not supposed to with a ton of other people who are also stuck at the airport when they are not supposed to. So if you have ever been on a plane that has been delayed or canceled you will know that it is possible to wind up in lines. My tip for you is that if you are looking to get on another plane or looking to change your flight path, instead of waiting in that line forever just call. You can take your chances and make the call as soon as you get off the plane and hope you get right through or you can make the call while you stand in line to double your chances of getting served faster.

If you have any hacks that are airport-related that you use when you are on a long layover, be sure to leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them and maybe make use of them on my next journey.